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Rediscover Intimacy

The Universal Secret of Jewish Sexuality Revealed



What We're Doing

We are raising funds for what we are calling the 'Intimacy Initiative.' It started with our ground-breaking documentary 'The Lost Key,' that reveals the secret of Kabbalistic sexuality kept hidden for centuries and is helping modern couples around the world to rediscover intimacy and strengthen their relationships. 'The Lost Key' also has two companion short films, 'The Lost Key to Family Purity' and 'The Lost Key to Modesty' that are currently in post-production. These three films compose 'The Lost Key' film series whose objective is to share the 'Rediscover Intimacy' message with everyone, regardless of culture or faith.

Why We're Doing It. Why is Intimacy Important?

We are witnessing an unprecedented worldwide crisis with sexuality that is destroying marriages and families and thus, society itself. Divorce and infidelity rates are very high and continue to increase, and young people are facing issues with their self-esteem and sexuality that were unheard of before. By introducing Intimacy back into the world, we can prevent the negative effects modern society is having on relationships and help couples to create strong, healthy marriages and families!

What is the Money Going Towards?

We need to raise $126,000 in order to complete post-production on The Lost Key Film Series; The Lost Key, The Lost Key to Family Purity and The Lost Key to Modesty, and to spread the message around the world. Our goal is to bring The Lost Key film series to communities everywhere.

The money will cover post-production costs, as well as subtitling and dubbing in different languages, closed captioning and mastering for The Lost Key Film Series.

Once the two short films are finished, we will launch them in a Film Series to a wide audience. We strongly believe in the Intimacy Initiative and the impact it can have on individuals, couples and families, but only if it can reach a broad audience.

As you can tell from the sneak preview video, this topic can make some people uncomfortable. Who ever heard of a Rabbi teaching about sex? But the need for a deeper intimate connection is essential, it's a basic human need, and according to Judaism it's at the very center of marriage. We need the funds to bring Intimacy back into the bedroom and into the world.

We are aware that we are presenting the subject of intimacy in a way that is very different from what the media has displayed and the world is used to seeing. Even though our message is rooted in Judaism and Kabbalah, we believe that this approach to intimacy will benefit everyone, from all cultures and faiths.

A film is a powerful medium that can change peoples' lives and bring about social change, and we are convinced The Lost Key's message can do just that. We want everyone to know and benefit from these hidden teachings, which are universal. They could transform the way society views sexuality and bring deep fulfillment to marriages.

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