Ricardo Adler and Rabbi Manis Freedman

Thousands of years ago, Jewish sages instructed that teachings on sexuality found in the Torah and Kabbalistic sources should be taught to groups of only 2 or 3 students. This wisdom was kept private, almost occult, over the centuries. However, this knowledge began to get lost several generations ago when Jews started to assimilate, and even observant Jews are unfamiliar with some of these teachings today.

After a painful divorce I began to explore my roots and came across this wisdom, almost by accident because Rabbis weren't sharing it. Eventually I remarried, and we've completely transformed our intimate relationship by following these ancient practices. The process has been exhilarating and difficult, and we share it in the film. It was worth it though, because we've experienced what Kabbalah describes as the highest form of physical intimacy, Oneness. It changed our marriage forever.

I had to make this film. By now, after seven years in the making, it has become a life mission. I would like everyone to know these hidden teachings, which are universal. They could transform the way society views sexuality and bring deep fulfillment to marriages everywhere. And I'm expecting resistance, despite support from leading Rabbis, but I'm prepared and keen to encourage dialogue even in the most unlikely of places.

This is not your typical documentary. It's about sexuality but, because I wanted it to be 'kosher”, we faced an awesome creative challenge to make it provocative while dealing with considerable limitations on the visuals and language. It also has a topical component, but it's precisely these teachings that are being revealed that make the film unique and, we hope, a turning point in the history of human sexuality.

-- Ricardo Adler